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About Us

The ethos of the Estima Motoring Community lies in friendliness, conviviality, mutual help & respect, quality of technical and editorial content, freedom from direct commercial interests and a safe and fun environment for our families both on-line and at Events, Shows Camps and Meets. If you feel the same way that we do, then we would be pleased to offer you a place in our Community.

Estima Motoring Community - Friendliness, Conviviality, Mutual help & Respect and a safe and fun environment for our families

We recognise that there are two main (and intermingled) groups within our Community - those looking for advice/technical aid and those wishing for a more informal social group; and an opportunity to make & meet new friends. Therefore, the Estima Motoring Community caters for both elements via our Garage (Technical) & Treehouse (Social) webpages and also within our Forum.

The two faces of the Estima Motoring Community - the Technical Garage and Social Treehouse "hubs"

It is our aim to provide advice and technical support by offering a dedicated Web resource. This is achieved by way of a technical co-operative whereby members offer their own assistance (both on and offline) within our Community, in the form of tutorials, email support and friendly Mechanical and Service 'Day Meets'.
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