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Frequently Asked Questions
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Which Battery should I fit?


The correct battery fitted to these cars is a JIS (Japanese Industry Standard) 80D26L which is a 70AH battery with a 570A cold cranking capability approximately 260mm long x 175mm wide x 220mm tall with conical terminal posts and with the positive terminal on the right looking at the long side closer to the terminals.

There is no exact European equivalent but a few companies do now manufacture batteries to the JIS standard. Here are the equivalents found so far (as at September 2007) :-

Bosch Asia Silver 7BA
Varta Asia dynamic 068 part no. 570 137 057 2082
Lucas 030/4
Yuasa 030/4
Numax Premium 068



If those numbers confuse your local Battery Dealer, the same battery also fits the following cars:-

Lexus  GS 300  '93 on
Lexus  LS 400  '89 - Dec.'97
Lexus  RX 300 3 litre V6  Oct.'00 on
Lexus  SC 300 coupé  May '91 on
Lexus  SC 400 coupé  May '91 on
Mazda  626 2 litre diesel  '92 - '97
Toyota  Camry 1.8TD & 2.0TD  '83 - '86
Toyota  Camry II 2.5i V6 Estate/Kombi  '88 - '92
Toyota  Camry III 3 litre V6 Estate/Kombi  '91 - '96
Toyota  Corolla VII 1.9D & 2.0D  '93 - '95
Toyota  Cressida  '77 - '84
Toyota  Crown (rwd)  '71 - '83
Toyota  Picnic 2.2TD  Nov.'97 on
Toyota  Previa 2.0TD  '01 on

The same battery does fit other cars but often has another alternative or twin batteries so those are not listed, to avoid confusion.


The AH capacity is really just a measure of how much power the battery can supply in total over a period of time. The Cold Cranking current is a measure of what it can put through the starter on an instantaneous basis and the two aren't necessarily related as the former is more concerned with the volume of the battery and the latter more concerned with the area of the plates.

It's quite possible to produce a 10AH battery with a 600A cold cranking capability or a 100AH battery with a 300A cold cranking capability.

In the case of our cars, it's the 570A cold cranking ability which is more important, the 70AH or 90AH just changes how long you can play with your electric bling without the engine running before you can't start the car!!


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