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Frequently Asked Questions
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My car does not start, all I get is a clicking sound

If you are just getting a "clicking" noise when you turn your key in the ignition (Check your gear selector is in "Park" first), then it is quite possible that you need to replace your starter motor (solenoid) contacts - a common problem with older Toyotas.

They are relatively easy to replace, and can be done with the Starter Motor left in situ.

For a guide on how to fit new solenoid contacts, please see our Tutorial Section


If  during attempted starting, you hear more of a dull thud  - with no further clicking upon repeated starting efforts - it is possible that your car is experiencing Hydrolock (where the piston heads have been immobilised by excessive coolant which has leaked into the cylinder block). Hydrolock is commonly caused by a failed headgasket and/or a cracked cylinder head.




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