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Frequently Asked Questions
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Is my car an Import?

Often car sellers - including Dealers - do not understand the Toyota Estima range of MPVs. Estima Eminas and Lucidas are constantly referred to as "Previas" and not only is this misleading, it is wholly inaccurate. It is possible that Motor Insurance can be voided if an imported Estima is advised as a UK-spec Previa to your Insurer and a claim could be refused if your Insurance Company has incorrect model information. Therefore, it is important to ascertain the correct model for your MPV.

For a better understanding of the Models involved, take a look at our Model Info and Buying Guides. However, as a quick "rule of thumb"; the following criteria can be applied.

If your vehicle has any of the following, it is most likely to be an Import:


  • A external reversing mirror on the tailgate



  • A tailgate badge showing "Estima" and "Emina" or "Lucida"



  • A separate foglight installed on the underhang of the rear bumper



  • Square (as opposed to rectangular) number plates



  • A speedo fascia that reads in KPH only


  • A diesel engine (if your model is registered between 1990 and 2000, as UK-spec Previas were only powered by petrol engines)


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