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Frequently Asked Questions
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Why can I only receive Radio 2 on my unit?

Throughout most of the developed World - including the UK - the FM Broadcast band (used to broadcast FM Radio Stations) is 87.5 to 108.0 Mhz. Uniquely in Japan, the FM Broadcast Band is 76 to 90 MHz.

Therefore, when a vehicle is imported from Japan with its original factory-fit or Japanese Market third-party stereo, it can only receive signals up to 90 MHz - which in the UK means you can only receive Radio 2 at that "lower" frequency.

The solution is to fit an "Band Expander" or "Frequency Shifter" to the existing stereo:-

This will increase the Stereo's reception to the Global standard 87.5 to 108.0 MHz. There are drawbacks using these expanders inasmuch as the frequency display on your stereo will no longer match the stations you are tuned into.

The alternative is to fit a new third-party stereo into your bus. Often people will take this opportunity to upgrade their system to a CD or DVD player.

For details of how to install a replacement CD or DVD System, please refer to our Tutorial Section.

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