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Frequently Asked Questions
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Workshop Manuals


Never confuse an Owners Handbook with a Workshop Manual. The Owners Handbook will tell you all about the features and controls of your car and how to check fluid levels and change a wheel but if you want to do any maintenance yourself, then the book you need is a Workshop Manual.




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Workshop Manuals for Estimas are available in Japanese from Toyota but only the 3C-TE engine manual is available in English and details the engine installation in the diesel Corolla. These are available in the UK and sometimes appear on eBay or can be found at small Specialist Book Suppliers.
For Aces, there is also an English Workshop Manual for the 1C, 2C and 2C-T engine.

If you have a wide-bodied Estima, Tarago or Previa then Haynes do a Workshop Manual for the UK Previa.

...and Chilton do one for the US Previa. This can be purchased from online Bookshops


There is also a decent online resource for Previas which is handy for those shared components within an Estima and Previa:

AUTOZONE - Previa 91-97 Repair Guide


Ace owners can also access a large database of technical issues within



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