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Author Topic: Expected behaviour  (Read 1116 times)
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« on: September 12, 2007, 07:53:03 PM »

In addition to the Registration Agreement, certain standards of behaviour are expected and these are summarised below.

Good manners:

The use of obscenities in posts, messages and UserNames is unacceptable and at the discretion of the Administrators and Moderators you may be removed permanently from the forum. Please remember that PMs (personal messages) sent using this forum can be reported to the Moderators and Administrators so do not assume that they are private. Please also remember that language which may be acceptable in private may not be so in public and that this forum is effectively a public place. The use of asterisks or alternative symbols to disguise an obscenity is also unacceptable. If you are not prepared to post it in full, do not post it at all.

It is accepted that this forum is car related so some titillation and double entendre is acceptable both in text and in images but in all matters, the decision of the Administrators as to the acceptability of any material is final.

All users are entitled to be treated politely at all times and personal attacks including any in personal messages will not be tolerated.

Posting standards:

For the sake of users who wish to search the forum, it would be helpful if an attempt is made to use correct spelling at all times, particularly with reference to technical terms and vehicle components. It is no use posting with very helpful advice about the vehicle charging system if alternator is spelt alternater for instance. The forum has a spell check facility, please use it.

No txt splng m8!! It isn't clever and shows no respect for your fellow forum users. If your message is worth posting, it's worth making it intelligible by all, young and old alike.

NO SHOUTING!! This is simply bad "netiquette" and is to be deplored, as is the use of lower case letters at the start of names so proper punctuation is expected at all times. Whilst this is a car forum, we are not yobs, chavs or hoons.

Please make an effort to use the "quote" facility properly and not to post your own material until after the last [/quote] command. Use the HELP button above to find information and advice on using the more advanced features of this forum software.

Whilst you might be able to delete some of your posts, this is usually poor manners if someone has posted since you and in no circumstances should the first post in a thread be removed as this removes all subsequent posts. An administrator may well recover your post along with the rest of the thread and lock it against deletion.

General guidelines:

Before making your first post, please take the time to read some of the existing posts and particularly to see if what you are contemplating posting has already been discussed. It is far better to add to an existing thread than start a second one on the same subject.

Make sure you're posting in the right board and that your subject title is relevant. Calling a thread Hello and then introducing yourself and continuing to ask for help with a vehicle problem is unlikely to get help. Two separate posts would be better.

Has your question already been answered? Please take the trouble to use the search facility before asking a question which may have already been dealt with and remember that repeat questions are likely to be removed or merged into existing topics.

Get your facts right. Estimas are not all called Lucidas, the Lucida is just one of the two models of "narrow bodied" Estima. Occasionally parts (such as lighting units) will only fit Lucidas (or Eminas) but in general asking for help with a Lucida may get you less help than otherwise as owners with Eminas may not bother to read your post.
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