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Model Information - Toyota Estima (Emina / Lucida)



The Toyota Estima is an up to 8-seater "MPV" (multi-purpose vehicle) / "People-carrier" sold only in Japan.

There are three main versions of the Estima:

The Lucida and Emina models are approximately 110 mm narrower and 70 mm shorter than the standard (wide-bodied) Estima. However, all three models share the same wheelbase and to accommodate the extra width that the standard Estima has, the Emina/Lucida can be distinguished by its flared wheel-arches.

The reason for the difference between the smaller Emina and Lucida models and the larger Estima is the vehicle tax system in Japan, which is based, amongst other criteria, on the length and width of the car. The smaller variants fall in to a lower tax band. This smaller model was distributed and marketed by two separate Divisions within Toyota and as a way of identifying sales figures and other statistics, was split into two different brand names - the Emina and the Lucida.


There is no difference between these two models save for a different headlamp/front grille arrangement and subtle changes to the rear lights - all mechanicals, parts, interior and trim are identical for both models. Another unusual feature - when compared to other MPVs - is that there are only four doors. Two conventional front doors, a large sliding door on the left hand side, and a rear door hinged at the top.

The seven and eight seat variants differ only in the middle row, which on the seven seat version has two "captain's chairs", independent chairs with arm rests, where as the eight seater has a three seater bench which splits into a double seat and a single seat both of which can be rotated to face backwards.

Many used Estimas have been imported from Japan to the UK Markets, due to the relatively low value of used cars in Japan and the fact that both countries drive on the left-hand side of the road and they use right-hand drive. The cars come in a wide variety of specifications with a 2.4 litre petrol or 2.2 litre turbo charged diesel engine. There are both two and four wheel drive variants, and both manual and, more commonly, automatic transmission.


The "First Generation"


Toyota Estima (Lucida)


Toyota Estima (Lucida) - post-'97 "facelift"


The "first generation" or "Mark 1" Estima was introduced in 1990 and was powered by either the 2TZ-FE 2.4-litre 4-cylinder fuel-injected petrol (gasoline) engine (see our Previa Model Guide for more information) or the 3C-T (and later 3C-TE - the E = "Electronic Fuel Pump") 2.2-litre turbo-charged 4-cylinder diesel engine.


The first generation used a unique design of mid-mounting the engine (under the front seats) at an almost- flat 75-degree angle. All accessories that are driven by the engine (alternator, power steering pump, aircon compressor, radiator fan) can be accessed via the front bonnet and are driven by the engine via an accessory driveshaft - known to owners and mechanics as "SADS" (Supplemental Driveshaft Accessory System).


All engine variants were available in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel (four-wheel) drive version.


Minor cosmetic revisions were made to the Emina and Lucida range in 1995 and again in 1997 - mainly to the front (headlamps and grille) and rear (tail lights) end.




(3C- T & TE) Turbo-charged 4-cylinder Injection-Diesel

(2TZ-FE) 4-cylinder fuel-injected petrol


2184 litres

2438 litres


5-speed manual / 4-speed automatic ECT (with overdrive)


225.55 Nm

151lb/ft @ 4,000 RPM


101bhp @ 4,200 RPM

138bhp @ 5,000 RPM

0-60mph: 14.5 seconds

11.7 seconds

TOP SPEED: 100 mph

108 mph

WEIGHT: 1,850 kg

1,800 kg


4,690 mm (external) *see "Previa" info for wide-bodied dimensions


1,690 mm (external) *see "Previa" info for wide-bodied dimensions


Joyful Canopy:

1,790 mm (external) *see "Previa" info for wide-bodied dimensions"

1,910 mm (external)



The "Second Generation"


In 2000 Toyota introduced a new model of Estima with sliding doors on both sides.  Again, this model was marketed to the Japanese market as the Estima, the Tarago to the Australians and as the Previa to the Rest of the World - however, for the first time in the UK since its launch in 1990, the Previa was now available with Toyota's 4D4 diesel engine.


A 'hybrid version' was also introduced in Japan which used a single-electric motor coupled to a mechanical continuously variable transmission (CVT)


Again, this model was marketed to the Japanese market as the Estima, the Tarago to the Australians and as the Previa to the Rest of the World - the Emina / Lucida models were dropped from the Second Generation.


Toyota had discontinued the First Generation Estima in the USA in 1996 and replaced it with the US designed and built Toyota Sienna,  Therefore the Second Generation Estima was not available in the United States.



(1CD-FTV) D-4D Turbo-charged 4-cylinder common-rail Diesel


1995 litres


5-speed manual


250.0 Nm

BHP: 114bhp @ 4,000 RPM
0-60mph: 13.4 seconds
TOP SPEED: 109 mph
WEIGHT: 1,695 kg
LENGTH: 4,750 mm (external)
WIDTH: 1,790 mm (external)


1,770 mm (external)



The "Third Generation"



The Third Generation Estima was introduced in January 2006 - keeping the branding consistent; Toyota maintained it's Estima and Tarago names. However, the third generation Previa was not made available for the UK market  and still remains unavailable to the US Market.


Toyota no longer utilised their Diesel engines in the Estima, preferring to install variants of their petrol engines (the 2.4-litre 2ZA-FE14 and larger 3.5-litre 2GR-FE V6 engines). Toyota also created a "second generation hybrid" engine for this model - currently only available in Japan and Hong Kong.


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